1. Practices will start TUESDAY AUGUST 29, 2017 at Bountiful Jr High, yes this upcoming Tuesday!  We will have practice Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 4:30pm to 6:30pm at Bountiful Jr High.

2. If you are interested in playing fall lacrosse please sign up asap.  Yes, you can still sign up after practices start, but do it soon because you need to be registered to be able to come to practices and we want you there from the beginning!

3. We only have 6 games this fall and we could have double headers.   All games will be played on Saturdays in Farmington at the Legacy Event Center (Davis County Fairgrounds).  There will be no games September 9th (ACT test) and September 23rd (Homecoming dance).  The last day for games is October 14th.

4. A few rules to go over since we have some new players:
There is NO wall ball on the school and rec center buildings.
Do not throw lacrosse balls against the softball field fence
Please DO NOT go into the school and use the restrooms.  Please use the restrooms at the park.
Please clean up any garbage….there is always 5-10 water bottles left on the grass after every practice.
Be respectful of the school property
If we do not follow these rules we could loose access to the field and we do not have access to any other fields.

If you are aware of any 9th graders that have signed up please forward this email to them.

We are looking forward to this season and are excited for all of you who will be playing!!! Just make sure you register to play by clicking here!


Boys High School Practices Start TUESDAY AUGUST 29TH!