Do you want to play lacrosse for the Viewmont Vikings?  We are always looking for new and seasoned talent to join the team.  Even if you have no experience, we want you to be part of our program.  Help us continue the Viking legacy of producing high-quality lacrosse athletes. We are calling on all experienced and inexperienced athletes from Kindergarten to 12th Grade, male or female, to play lacrosse as a Viewmont Viking!

Why play lacrosse you ask? Lacrosse can be described as a combination of all sports – it’s fun and high energy. It’s consistently the fastest growing sport in the United States and growing quickly worldwide. It can increase your mental health, prevent obesity, build endurance, and provide social interaction. You can be part of a team and still have a sense of individualism by personalizing your stick and being creative in play. It’s totally awesome. You get a cool stick. Enough said, let’s get you registered!