If you have not already heard, yes, high school boys and girls lacrosse is now finally going to be a sanctioned sport across the state of Utah!  It has been a club sport for many years, which means it was up to each individual program to fund and manage the team, and resources were limited.  The popularity of lacrosse however has grown tremendously and Utah has been a consistent hotbed for new players joining the sport.

 It seemed as though it was inevitably to become recognized as a high school sport.  Lacrosse players will be able to officially represent their school and it may also allow those who didn’t have an opportunity to play while in its club status, to now have that chance.  Unfortunately, we will all have to wait until it becomes official, which won’t be until the 2019-20 school year.

 “This is a big day for lacrosse, and everyone is recognizing it,” said Utah Lacrosse Chapter board member Renee Tribe. “So many people have been expecting it, anticipating it, and it’s now a very great day. There’s so much good that can be learned that are great, lifelong lessons. It’s why we encourage our kids to play sports: to learn teamwork and cooperation. We applaud the activities association for endorsing this sport, and recognizing that it is time.”

Feel free to read the below directive from the Sanctioning Committee and U.S. Lacrosse Utah Chapter Board President.  It is addressed to board members, coaches, parents and players.


Sanctioning High School Lacrosse In Utah!